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Case studies on social innovation available

The results of seven ITSSOIN case studies are now available under Publications.

The aim of ITSSOIN was to investigate the role of the Third Sector and other actors in fostering social innovation. Our case studies in the fields of Arts & Culture, Social Services, Health Care, Environmental Sustainability, Consumer Protection, Work Integration & Community Development provide new insights on this timely issue.

In a comparative setting, the case studies trace back particular social innovation streams and identify focal points and milestones in their evolution. Once these and actors engaged in the process have been identified, the documents discuss organizational properties and field conditions which have supported the emergence of social innovations.

In addition to other central ITSSOIN results on the role of volunteering in social innovation or media perceptions of the Third Sector, central insights from the case studies will be discussed during the concluding conference, taking place in Brussels on February 20th. If you are interested in participating in the conference, please register here.


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