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First ITSSOIN report released!

In a collective effort performed by all partners we have produced our first report called “Social Innovation as Impact of the Third Sector” that lays the foundation for the ITSSOIN project. For specifics and the full report, please follow this link.

The report illustrates why there is good reason to relate social innovation to the third sector as its core contribution to socio-economic impact and why we presume that the third sector is better positioned to stimulate, create, and develop social innovation than the market or the state. However, it also shows that this reasoning is faced with some existent critique and that insights on particular issue are still quite ambiguous. Generally, we will move from these presumptions to a set of testable hypotheses and explore them in in-depth case studies across seven organisational fields: culture & arts, social services, health care, environmental sustainability, consumer protection, work integration, and community development.

The questions we will address are: How strongly and in which social innovations are third sector organisations involved and which role do they play therein as relative to other innovation actors?

More details on how we approach these issues theoretically and empirically will be provided by our next report on the theoretical and empirical capturing of the third sector, which we hope to publish online in the course of October.

You can download the full report here: ITSSOIN_D1_1_Social Innovation as Impact

The report can be found permanently under “Publications.”

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