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ITSSOIN at the ‘International Social Innovation Research Conference 2014’

Gorgi Krlev and Stina Preuss from the Centre for Social Investment have represented the ITSSOIN research consortium at the fifth “International Social Innovation Research Conference” (ISIRC) which has taken place on September 1-3, 2014 in Northampton with 60+ attendants from all over the world.

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The presentation of ITSSOIN research has focused on our first conceptual report ITSSOIN_D1_1_Social Innovation as Impact. We have been glad to see an active engagement of participants in the discussion of our fundamental research hypothesis and the research strategy. This highlights the salience of the proposed research issues, their timeliness and the appeal of ITSSOIN’s proposed research direction. Suggestions which will (or have already) received careful consideration are: sensitivity towards negative effects of the innovation imperative to third sector activities; consideration of innovation failures next to innovation success; or openness towards multi-stakeholder involvement in innovation processes.

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