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ITSSOIN project review

The last months were a very productive time for ITSSOIN. Prior to the completion of the case selections (published here), we had several internal meetings and events.

In March, our consortium meeting took place in Milan, hosted by Bocconi University. At the centre of this meeting were the upcoming case studies, the case selection process the stakeholder workshops and ISTR 2016.

The stakeholder workshops were held in May and June in each of our empirical work packages. Researchers along with a range of other stakeholders were invited to discuss ITSSOIN’s work in progress.

Several members of the ITSSOIN consortium participated in the ISTR conference in Stockholm in June. We presented ITSSOIN findings on volunteering, media perceptions & policy discourses on social innovation and the third sector in Europe. Our second contributions was a tentative glance at findings from the ITSSOIN case work.

On 17-18 October, the ITSSOIN consortium will meet again in Brno (Czech Republic) to discuss the results of the empirical work and to prepare for the final phase of the project.

The empirical results of our case studies will be published soon.

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