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Reports on ITSSOIN field descriptions available now

Based on the country selection carried out in work package 2 ITSSOIN_D2_4_Country selection a compilation of seven highly insightful field descriptions in nine ITSSOIN countries is available for you to download now on

Over the last months, ITSSOIN partners engaged in extensive analysis of the structure and dynamics of the various fields they had agreed to research on. The resulting deliverables of work packages 4-7 now allow us to draw a clear picture of the structures in the diverse fields of arts and culture, community development, environmental sustainability, health, consumer protection in finance, social services and work integration.

All descriptions inform about the most important actors from the state, the market, and the third sector as well as the central regulative characteristics and their most important changes over the past 10 years. Yet, what is more – addressing the question of social innovation, we managed to identify up to 8 innovation streams per field and country! A promising result to carry out a well-informed case selection and proceed to the next research steps, analyzing those dynamics in depth.

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